Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fried Rice on the Fly

Yesterday, I did not have very much in the fridge. I had some eggs, rice and some onions, ginger and garlic. We made a meal. I said no eating out. Today's lesson - less is a lot.

You will notice that I used nothing else. No seasoning or fried rice mixes or food enhancers. My sons loved it!

What I had at home:

Rice  - cook some rice
Chopped fine onion, ginger and garlic (the garlic gives a good taste to the rice)
Some soy sauce
Eggs - fried

How to prepare - your older children can help you with this

Heat cooking oil
Add onion, ginger and garlic till it gets brownish or the aroma sets in
Mix in the cooked rice
Add soya sauce to taste
Mix in the eggs

And that's it. If you have chives or onion leaves, cut them fne and add towards the end.

Fried Rice - Simple and Nice
 Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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