Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kids and Cooking

I followed Jamie Oliver's advice today. A five year old and a nine year old can learn how to cook in just 5 minutes. The results are immense.

My previous blog was about Jamie Oliver and what he tought about cooking and kids. It was a reminder.

Its Sunday today and my kids tell me they are bored and hungry. I told them to come into the kitchen and lets cook something.

Nine Year Old
I had some left over rice. I asked him if he wanted some some fried rice. 

I helped him chop up some onions, garlic and ginger.
And then some cabbage

Made him switch the stove and pour the oil and mix the ingridients in. He then put in the cooked rice and finished off with soya sauce.

That's it - 5 minutes  and less.

5 Year Old

He wanted some toasted bread. This time I asked him to do it himself with some help from me.

He placed 2 slices in the toaster. And buttered it himself. He does not like the sides and I let him use a butter knife to cut them.

And there were still hungry and asked for instant noodles. It was a good opportunity to teach my nine year old.

He cut out the noodles from the packets. And i said it would normall use one and half glasses of water for 1 packet and tested him on how much he would need since he is making 2 packets.

He placed three cups of water and he and his brother enjoyed a meal of instant noodles.

It was a good Sunday. It does not take long if the dish is simple. They learn lots

- self confidence
- take pride in their product
- they occupy themself
- they are learning a live skill
- they have fun
- they are with you building a family culture which they can take when they have kids

Parents, this is a short post to share my experience today and the joys and the importance of bring the kids into the kitchen. As NIKE says JUST DO IT!

Write in with your experience with your kids. And one more thing, dont nag them to clean up. There is plenty of time for that. Let them have fun and let them experiment.
Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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Jamie Oliver on Kids and Cooking

Listen to what Jamie Oliver says about kids and cooking and why is it so important to get kids into the kitchen. He says its all about FUN and OWNERSHIP.

Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family CookbookListen to what he says on this video. He appeared on Oprah Winfrey. I found the video while searching for something else and I could not resist to place the link here. He says so many important things about cooking and kids and why it s so important.

Tried to write some snippets of what he said. Look at the video to listen to all.

Every kid and adult is different. Let them have fun. You dont want to be fussy and ask them to clean up and this and that. Let them have fun. And let them DECIDE. Let them take ownership - how much, how long, what do we need and such.

Kids like to be proud. Give them the skills and create a family culture which they will take to their children. Once a week, a meal on Saturday for example - spend it with them cooking. It will also build their confidence.

The Dinner Lady: Change the Way Your Children Eat, for LifeDont ask them about whether they want burgers or nuggets. Teaching them about cooking will also help them avoid junk food . Jamie says that life expectantcy in UK and US is now 10 to 15 years less because of the food we eat.

Watch the video by Jamie Oliver. It is quite inspirational