Sunday, September 26, 2010

Protein Rich Food

I think a lot of us think that protein only comes from meat and tend to forget about other sources. We think non meat food are rich other things like vitamins and such. But you will be surpriseda there is so many different foods high in protein. This also means that our kids are likely getting much more protein in their diet than we think.

Common protein rich foods can include:

• Milk
• Soy Milk
• Eggs
• Cheese
• Peanut Butter
• Lean Meats, Fish, and Poultry
• Beans,
Lentils, and other Legumes
• Grains, including bread and pasta
• Nuts and Seeds

Tofu is an excellent source of protein - tofu contains 10.1 grams of protein. In comparison, 1/2 cup of dairy milk contains 5.1 grams of protein, one 3 oz egg contains 6 grams and 4 oz ground beef contains about 26 grams of protein.

Tofu however may not be rich in calcium and iron, 2 minerals, growing children need. Supplement protein dishes with dairy products.

Happy Teaching and Cooking!

Tofu Dishes

Tofu dishes are healthy, easy and tasty. Tofu is a simple ingredient but high in nutrients. These 10 minute recipes are convenient lunch and dinner meals and at the same time great supplemental teachers.
 Tofu is a natural protein supplement. An alternative to meat. Half a cup of tofu has 10 grams of protein. An adult requires about 50 grams and children about 25 to 30 grams depending on their age. Have a look at these 10 minutes tofu recipes.

I keep to the basic recipe and typically expand on it depending on the main dish and mood of the day. Let your kids and yourself experiment and expand on the dish according to your preference.

Examples – tofu soup, fried tofu and onions, stir fried tofu and bean sprouts, tofu and vegetables, tofu in noodles soup or fried noodles, tofu salads, tofu in curries and the list goes on.

 Tofu is a no fuss dish.

Tofu Recipes for People Who Can't Boil Water: The Fast Way to Wonderful Vegetarian Meals With Tofu

Keep to the basics and expand on it.

Basic Ingredient List

1. Chopped onion, ginger and garlic (some prefer strips of ginger only)
2. Tofu
3. Chicken stock (or water)
4. Salt or soya sauce to taste
5. Oil

Fry the onion, ginger and garlic
Add water or chicken stock
Add the tofu and soya sauce
Chop up some parsley or onion leaves for taste and flavor

From the basics, you can make the dish tastier. Remember the story about the Man and the Magic Stone?

Tofu and vegetable Stir Fried

Vary the recipe with other ingridients.

Tofu and Vegetable with Soup Thickened with Corn Flour
1. Add minced chicken to the onion, ginger and garlic
Tofu Soup with Veetables
Noodles and Tofu

2. Add vegetables of your choice when the soup is boiling
3. Add more water or chicken stock if you want have soup
4. Add noodles
5. Fry the tofu with bean sprouts
6. For salads – mix the above with your salads

Teaching Notes:
1.  Nutrition Basics of Tofu
What nutrition does tofu have? Large doses of protein. Why do you need protein? To build muscles and provide energy.
2. What is tofu made off?
Soya milk. It is a common dish in Asia. Tofu originated from China. Where is China?  What are bean sprout? Lets grow them.

3. Fractions and numbers
Shall we use half a tofu or all of it? Quarter, one third?

Bean Sprouts

Parents, see where I am going with this? You can go on teaching right there in the kitchen. From one point and answer, expand to the next…

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Papaya Recipes for Children to Prepare

The goodness of papayas is tremendous and our kids must know that they must take papayas at least once a week if not every other day. A slice a day can do lots of good. Here are 2 easy recipes for children to make and which they can continue to make and later impress their friends as they grow older. Read the previous post to guide your kids on the goodness of papayas and the lessons you can teach.

Best Instant 100+ MANGO Smoothie Recipes + Plus Bonus

Papaya Lassi

What is Lassi? Lassi is a popular drink in South Asia, particularly India and Pakistan. Lassi actually means yoghurt drink. It is a mix of water and yoghurt. It is a quick thirst quencher and intended to provide energy.

The basic Lassi drink has taken a different look and has become popular around the world. People tend to:

- Sweeten it – with sugar or honey

- Spice it

- Add fruit – puree form

You can buy yoghurt or better yet, make it yourself. Look up for how to make yoghurt in this blog.

Ingredients List

1/2 cup pureed/mashed ripe papaya
You can if you like other fruit such as 1/2 cup peach puree, strawberries, mango and orange
Plain whole milk yogurt as desired
Honey or sugar (try honey if you like sweet)

How to Make

1. Blend papaya and other fruit with ice cubes if you like it cold
2. Add plain whole milk yogurt and mix

Papaya Smoothie :

Blend papaya, guava, ice and some honey (instead of sugar). And some ice. You can omit the ice if your kids are having the cough or flu
Add milk and blend again

Walla! Papaya Smoothie

Other ways to Eat Papaya

1. Cut into cubes and include in your salads
2. Squeeze some lemon or lime juice
3. Papaya juice – juice it and add honey if you like
4. Papaya and Chicken – add papaya cubes (half to three quarters ripe) to cooked chicken.
5. Just Like that – cut up a slice or two. Store the rest in the fridge.

Do you have papaya based recipes?

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

A Lesson in Papayas

Papayas by Darian Day Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Image Gypsies
Parents, this is a lesson in papaya for your kids. Ask them to fill in the blanks while you teach them about papayas, its benefits and teach them to prepare a great papaya meal in the kitchen. All this in less than half an hour.

Did you know that papayas are a magic fruit! Why?

1. Papayas _____________ the flow of stress hormones that can make you store fat calories

2. Papayas _____________ makes your skin healthy. You will look naturally _________

3. Papayas _______________ you with your tummy. You will not have an upset tummy.

4. Papayas have __________ more Vitamin C than an ______________

5. Papayas grow from ___________.

6. Papayas grow in _______ countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and even in Hawaii and Florida

7. Look beautiful, healthy and happy with _______________!


1. Stop/prevents 2. Helps, beautiful/handsome 3. Helps 4. 75%, orange 5. Seeds 6.Hot 7.Papayas!

Additional Lesson

Parents, if your kids ask you about what is % or 75% - show them an apple or a patatoe (100%) and cut ¾ of another apple to show 75% more.

Happy Teaching and Cooking

Papaya A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Teach your children about the benefits of fruit – by actually explaining what fruits can do. This post is just about papayas. Its benefits and why we cannot ignore this humble fruit. The next post is 2 simple recipes your kids can make at home on their own.

Papayas by Darian Day Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Image Gypsies
Beautiful papaya
Did you know that Papaya is known as the fruit of angles? First described by Christopher Columbus because of its beautiful bright orange color and its great ability to help with the digestive system and calming an upset tummy.
Best Instant 100+ MANGO Smoothie Recipes + Plus BonusPapaya has high levels of vitamin C and enzymes called papain. Papaya is a naturally sweet fruit. One medium sized papaya fruit has 118 calories, no fat, 29 grams of carbohydrates, and 17 grams of sugar. Papayas have 33% more vitamin C than oranges and 13 times more than apples. (See for more information on the nutrition content of papayas)

1. Digestion

Papaya has an abundance of the enzyme papain which breaks down proteins in food, allowing for better digestion. Papaya helps with bloated tummies. Papaya is extremely helpful for kids because of this. Its helps with constipation. Try giving your children a slice and you will notice the difference within the day. Babies as old as 6 to 8 months can eat papaya.

2. Immune System

Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, E and beta carotenes will builds the body’s immune system. And some argue that it is extremely helpful in fighting cancer-causing cells. Its vitamin C content is higher than most fruits, even oranges.

3. Healthy Skin

Because of its nutrient content, the body is given a boost of health helping with slowing down the aging process. Imagine our kids taking papaya from young. Our children would have wonderful skin and great health.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Healing Power of PapayaPapaya helps heal skin injuries - . Papain breaks down the inactive proteins in the skin, removing dead tissue from burns, removes warts, and treats ringworms and cold sores. Use the skin- grind it and place over the sore skin.

The papain and the vitamins help with reducing inflammation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and asthma.

5. Healthy Heart

Because the papaya fruit is rich antioxidants it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol and thus prevents build up in blood vessel. Papayas are also a rich source of fibers, which can help lower high cholesterol levels.

Tip to parents: The juice from Papaya leaves are also extremely helpful in helping bring fever down. It is also quite typical to treat dengue fever. My mum and grandmother and a lot of families I know take this seriously. Blend or grind some papaya leaves and place a few drops in the mouth. Children can take it. Its bitter but it works.

Papaya leaves
Don’t ignore the humble papaya. Always in moderation but important enough to include in our diet.
Papaya Beautiful MUSEUM WRAP CANVAS Print with Added BRUSHSTROKES Dexter Mcgowan 20x20

See the next post for quick papaya recipes.

Don’t forget to teach your children the concepts introduced in this post.

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simple Quick To Make Recipe – For Lunch or Dinner

This is a simple quick recipe particularly when you are busy, kids want attention and everyone’s hungry. You only need this one dish – it has meat and vegetables – all in one. It is also an extremely easy dish for your kids to prepare. And if you can spare a few extra minutes, teach them a thing or two about the science of plants Read on to find out …

My kids call it Ginger Chicken
Ginger Chicken
It is easy, has good nutrients, few ingredients and fast.
Preparation time including cooking and serving : half hour tops

Teaching Note: The dish is easy enough for your kids to prepare the ingredients and cook it.

Typically, you can only pick one theme to teach them. I have used this recipe to teach about where ginger and onions come from.

List of Ingredients – for 2 adults and 2 young kids

1. Chicken meat cut in chunks - 500 grams
2. Ginger – cut in slices – 4 or 5 thin slices

Teaching Note: Show your kids the ginger. Explain that it is a root plant. You plant the ginger and it will grow with big leaves. The root keeps the food. Potatoes, tapioca are similar and of course the humble onion.

3. Garlic – cut in slices – 1 or 2 pips (you can omit this if you like)
4. Onions – cut in fours – 2 onions (more if you like )
5. Vegetables – you can use anything you like – I like to use cabbage or cauliflower
6. Onion leaves – cut 3 inches - use as much as you like – the onion leaves give the dish a good taste, flavor and smell
7. Chili (fresh or dried or both)
8. Cashew Nuts – if you have them great, if you don’t that’s ok too
9. A little soya sauce for taste
10. Oil for cooking


1. Add 5 tablespoons of oil into the pan
2. Add 3 dry chilies cut in 2inches length – tip for parents – this is a secret for the flavor and great smell of the dish – add dry chilies to the hot oil for 30 seconds or so
3. Fry the onions and garlic till brown
4. Add the chicken and ginger
5. Add some oyster sauce if you have it at home – for the extra taste
6. Let the chicken cook and add the vegetables
7. Finish off with the onion leaves, fresh chilies and soya sauce to taste.

Dry Chili in Pan with Oil
Vegetables - Cabbage and Onion Leaves

Add ginger slices to the
And that’s it!

Serve with rice or bread.

Happy Cooking and Teaching!