Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Spaghetti

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a tumultuous 2014. Lets all pray and hope for a better 2015. My husband of almost 20 years prepared our New Year's Eve dinner yesterday. First time in 20 years! It was a wonderful pasta with minced pork and tomato sauce.

My husband got my two boys involved from the shopping to the cooking. We all squeezed ourselves in our small kitchen.

It was a memorable New Year's Eve. I will certainly remember this day and most grateful for it. It was just the 4 of us and my mum. Eating and having a great glass of wine.

I don't have exact ingredients. It was all by touch and feel!

What you need:

Pasta of choice - boiled and kept aside

1 Bombay onion, 3 inches of ginger and 1 pip of garlic ground
Bombay onion - one is fine

Minced pork (half a kg or so for 4 to 5 people)
A little butter

parsley chopped as small as possible

Oregano (fresh or otherwise)
Salt to taste
Red chillies if you like it spicy (we did not use any)
Chili sauce
1 bottle of tomato/pasta sauce

How to

Heat your wok
Melt butter - about 2 table spoons
Place the port - let it cook

Add in the blended ingredients

Let it simmer for some time

Add the pasta sauce and chili sauce
Teaspoon of oregano
Chopped parsley goes in
Add salt to taste

Serve hot.

A quick meal. Healthy and the family is together. We also had cake - 2 in fact - a fruit cake my mum baked and an ice cream cake from baskins robbins.

Ice Cream Cake
Fruit Cake from my mum

It was simply the best New Year's Eve ever for me and I hope for my family!

Happy New Year to all and Happy Teaching!