Monday, November 23, 2009

Cook for Favourite Dishes From Famous Restaurants Right in Your Own KItchen

Thinking what to cook next – what would entice my kids to eat and to cook with me. Something different, something that you have enjoyed when eating out at your favorite restaurants.

This will definitely get your kids excited! Happy kids are easier to teach. I found this delightful book on preparing

» Red Lobster
» Applebee's
» Chili's
» Olive Garden
» T.G.I. Fridays
» Outback Steakhouse
» Starbucks

This book helps you learn to cook these famous recipes while teaching kids all sorts of things from math to where food comes from and why eating raw is better for some food and not for others.

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Cook the same recipes from your favorite restaurants for friends and family and have them convinced that you've ordered in. They simply will not believe that you've learned the secret, guarded recipes from the best restaurants! And guess what, you kids will never be prouder. Cooking Tip: Don’t take an ounce of credit. – give them all to your kids. They will be eating out of your hand at the next lesson.

This book has 332 recipes and comes with some freebies and money back guarantee.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Recipe for Teaching Maths

Sausages with Patato Salad

I found this beautiful recipe in my books. My kids love this. First lesson is giving the recipes your own name or ask your kids to give it a name – Tom and Jerry Sausage on Potato, or Ben Ten’s breakfast.
8 pieces chicken sausages (you could replace it with beef or pork)
5 potatoes
8 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 spring onion
1 small onion
A little salt and pepper
Lots of love

Place the sausages into a bowl and fill with water. Introduce fractions – e.g. half a pot, full pot etc
Drain the sausages when the water boils. Teach your kids about water changing its look. – from water to stim. Place a glass towards the stim and show them how the stim changes back to water.
Now boil the potatoes
Strain the potatoes and let them cool. Peel the skin carefully. You can leave the potatoes as it is or slice the potatoes
Or you could ask your kids to mash the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients.
Get your kids to decorate their plates with their ‘creation’!
Of course, you could always change the recipes – help your kids estimate – for example - maybe 5 sausages instead of 8 as there will only be 2 kids having them, fewer potatoes etc. This also helps kids understand about wastage and being grateful.

Teaching Math

I loved math when I was in school. Its practical and the answer come to you if you follow the steps and the rules. Math becomes a habit after some time.
Math must make sense to the kid. Math is about ‘how’ and ‘why’. And there’s a lot of this happening through our cooking experiences.

There must be an ultimate goal with Math; Kids must understand why they need it for afterwards. To navigate in this complex world. Math is about reasoning which is so important for later parts of their lives.

The tools used for math is numerous – through books, math exercises, math kits, games and so on.

Add cooking to your list.

To get our kids to love math, we must show it through our attitude and enthusiasm for math and how it solves problems.

I found that teaching maths through baking was easy and fun and prepared them for lessons at school. Baking teaches:
• Measuring
• Estimating
• Counting
• Size and shape

My younger son was about 3 when I got him into the kitchen with me. My elder boy started ‘cooking’ when he was 2. I would tend to work with them on measuring flour, sugar, milk and oil correctly. I hand them the cups and explain what is needed while reading the recipe. I would try to get them to read with me.

We also work on estimating because for some recipes I might add or take away certain ingredients, but I don’t use any form of measurement. So they learn to eyeball and look for the ingredient and know whether it’s too much or too little. Of course counting cookies and sorting decorations is just plain fun.

Hope this gives you some ideas for bringing education into your Christmas cookie baking this year.

Teaching Kids While Cooking

What do kids learn while cooking? There are lots of things that we mums and dads often forget or don’t realize. Cooking is something children enjoy just as much as eating the finished product. They love the whole process of adding ingredients, mixing, helping with getting stuff and creating something unique and seeing the finished product. Don’t we adults feel the same way? Seeing what we created turning out to be a masterpiece.

You will be surprised at the amount of information our children are learning and absorbing while they are cooking or baking with you or by themselves.
This is just to list a few:

Math – Counting, Fractions, Sorting, Multiplication, Division, Money, Sequencing, Weighing, Measuring, Shapes, Colors, Problem solving

Reading skills – build on reading skills, great way to learn new vocabulary

Science – food groups, experimenting, what happens when things are added, creates curiosity, senses, how food grows, how food changes, change of mater

Geography and history – where does food come from, where and how does food grow

Art and creativity – creating, experimenting with color

Hygiene and health – how to eat healthy, good nutrition, keeping safe, keeping clean

Social skills – confidence building, responsibility, build self esteem, sharing and team work

Motor skills – bet you did not think of this – kids learn and develop their motor skills by whisking, kneading, pouring, mixing, rolling and throughout the cooking process

I truly belief that food is something we share universally. It’s common and brings family, friends, people and nations together.

Don’t miss the opportunity to cook with your kids. There are multiple lessons for both adults and kids while having fun. And even for those who cant cook, there are a lot of lessons from even from boiling water or frying an egg. If you like this is a great cookbook
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cooking
I found that provides good quick and nutritious recipes.The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cooking

It says a guide for guys - ignore that part. I thought it had some great easy recipes.

Let’s start teaching our kids while cooking.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Kids Learn While Cooking

I love cooking for my family and I make all attempts to ensure that I prepare a good meal for them. But it can sometimes be challenging wrestling work, cooking, cleaning and teaching kids to learn science, math, hygiene, social skills and all the others all at the same time. I also found it exasperating teaching my kids and sustaining their interest. It is almost like both my kids and I dread every sit down.

I have 2 kids, aged 4 and 8 and I found the SECRET.

THROUGH COOKING! Kids learn a lot while cooking, especially if it is with their mums and mums get to teach their kids while cooking and spend precious time with them. Cooking teaches and bonds. And that’s the secret.

I found that it was faster teaching my sons fractions, additions, subtractions, weight and science in the kitchen while cooking. Or at least create an interest in them to make the formal learning a little bit easier. Cooking is fun and a great way to stimulate curiosity and learning. And the best part, your kids won’t know it.
Math, reading, science, organization, weather, confidence, and every other subject can be addressed through the fantastic world of cooking, almost daily.

Cooking is one way to throw a little fun into some pretty tough subject matter, and in the process, give your kids a chance to have hands on experience with learning while doing something fun.