Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kids Learn While Cooking

I love cooking for my family and I make all attempts to ensure that I prepare a good meal for them. But it can sometimes be challenging wrestling work, cooking, cleaning and teaching kids to learn science, math, hygiene, social skills and all the others all at the same time. I also found it exasperating teaching my kids and sustaining their interest. It is almost like both my kids and I dread every sit down.

I have 2 kids, aged 4 and 8 and I found the SECRET.

THROUGH COOKING! Kids learn a lot while cooking, especially if it is with their mums and mums get to teach their kids while cooking and spend precious time with them. Cooking teaches and bonds. And that’s the secret.

I found that it was faster teaching my sons fractions, additions, subtractions, weight and science in the kitchen while cooking. Or at least create an interest in them to make the formal learning a little bit easier. Cooking is fun and a great way to stimulate curiosity and learning. And the best part, your kids won’t know it.
Math, reading, science, organization, weather, confidence, and every other subject can be addressed through the fantastic world of cooking, almost daily.

Cooking is one way to throw a little fun into some pretty tough subject matter, and in the process, give your kids a chance to have hands on experience with learning while doing something fun.

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