Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Lesson in Papayas

Papayas by Darian Day Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Image Gypsies
Parents, this is a lesson in papaya for your kids. Ask them to fill in the blanks while you teach them about papayas, its benefits and teach them to prepare a great papaya meal in the kitchen. All this in less than half an hour.

Did you know that papayas are a magic fruit! Why?

1. Papayas _____________ the flow of stress hormones that can make you store fat calories

2. Papayas _____________ makes your skin healthy. You will look naturally _________

3. Papayas _______________ you with your tummy. You will not have an upset tummy.

4. Papayas have __________ more Vitamin C than an ______________

5. Papayas grow from ___________.

6. Papayas grow in _______ countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and even in Hawaii and Florida

7. Look beautiful, healthy and happy with _______________!


1. Stop/prevents 2. Helps, beautiful/handsome 3. Helps 4. 75%, orange 5. Seeds 6.Hot 7.Papayas!

Additional Lesson

Parents, if your kids ask you about what is % or 75% - show them an apple or a patatoe (100%) and cut ¾ of another apple to show 75% more.

Happy Teaching and Cooking

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