Friday, December 24, 2010

Dumplings for Christmas

These colorful dumplings will be a pleasant surprise for Christmas and the kids can play a huge role in preparing them. They are easy and quick. There is no need for early preparation. This is something like the Japanese Dumplings, Mochi.

Dried Sweet Glutinous Rice Flour - 2x 1 Lb (Traditional Water Milled)
Glutinous Rice Flour - Click here to find out where you can get some
This recipe uses glutinous rice flour. There is a difference with rice flour, which is not sticky. You can get the glutinous rice flour at the Asian stores and supermarkets. Otherwise, you can get it here for a few dollars.

What you will need

For the Dumplings

Glutinous rice flour

For the filing - this is really up to you. You could have something savory or sweet.

For a savory filing – Fry chicken, potatoes, pepper, salt, garlic

For a sweet filing, you could use these ingredients

30g black sesame paste
15g castor sugar
10g butter
1/8- 1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp cold water

Mix the butter with sesame powder, salt, water and sugar. Make into small balls, using approximately 1 level teaspoon each and rolling into small balls with your hands

For the soup – again optional – you could place the dumplings in a soup bowl or eat it like that

Boil about 600ml water with 35g sugar

How to prepare the dumplings

Place the glutinous rice flour in a large mixing bowl.
Add the water, a small amount at a time, working and shaping the dough until it has a texture similar to play dough – not too soft but smooth and easy to manipulate. Glutinous rice flour can be a bit tricky to work with –the dough can be sticky because of too much water. If that happens, add a bit more glutinous rice flour. On the other hand, if the dough is too dry, add more water, a small amount at a time.

Pinch off a piece of dough approximately the size of a golf ball. Roll the dough into a ball. Use your thumb to make a deep indentation in the dough, place a sesame ball or the savory filing into the hole and close it up. It is important to make sure the sesame ball is completely covered with the dough. Continue with the remainder of the dough.

Cook the dumplings in boiled water. Make sure to keep stirring in one direction while cooking. When they float on the water, continue to boil for about one minute using less heat.

Put them into a basin of cold water. Allow to steep in the cold water after that for a while.

Place some decorations around the balls and serve. Hint - you can use some food coloring to give some color to the dough above. The different colors of the balls placed on the table will add to the Christmas touch. After all, the world is global – why not add some colorful dumplings to the turkey!

Make the kids do most the above.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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