Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teaching Kids with Cooking – Giveaway to inspire you and the kids

Teaching kids while we cook requires a thought process – what, how and tools. Here’s a tip to creating an environment where the process becomes natural, not purposeful while ensuring it is organized without having to add work or needing extra time. And there's a GIVEAWAY with the tip!

To ensure that we take every opportunity for learning to take place while cooking, the kitchen no matter how small or big can be organized with a simple kitchen set to keep in place the ‘tools of the trade’! Our kitchen tables should always be ready for teaching and cooking.

Casual Kitchen Set

Keep tidy, books including recipe books, pencils and papers and more importantly kitchen appliances which the kids can use easily. Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, mixers and such.

The kitchen accessories must be made asseible to the kids to help them be independent in preparing a meal. At the same time, there must also be material handy for them to write, refer and so on.

A kitchen island is splendid or a casual dining set for the kitchen would do the trick.

I was thinking about it for a long time on what would encourage parents and kids to leap onto this idea as part of their daily routine. And it came to me that its so much easier, neater and organized to have an area in the kitchen where the kids are comfortable and cosy. It may sound simple but I think it is often forgotten. The kitchen should look as inviting as possible and learning can then come naturally.

GIVEAWAY: I love this! As I thought about it, my friends at the CSN stores provided me the opportunity to help me which could work to encourage my readers to receive and implement this idea in their kitchens to help kids learn and have fun.

They are willing to offer GIVEAWAYs to my readers – they will give away USD60gift certificate. You can buy anything from their stores. I am suggesting a nice kitchen table suitable for your home.

I am not given any compensation, no free gifts, nothing at all for offering this giveaway to my readers. CSN Stores like what I am doing with this blog and suggested a way to benefit readers and at the same give their stores a look.

It's open to all of my U.S. and Canadian readers.

To receive the gift certificate: Just leave me a comment with your email address so CSN can contact you directly to send the certificate. Visit for more ideas for your kitchen adventure.
Happy Cooking and Teaching!


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