Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick Finger Food in 30 minutes - And Learning Estimation the Easy Way!

It was before lunch. My kids were hungry and I did not have much food. We created a recipe ourselves with what we had and the kids’ dad ate them all! 30 minutes in all and the kids had great fun mixing and creating and were pleased that their dad liked their cooking ….

No real measurements with this one. A lot of estimation!

What we had


Wonton Wraps
15 wonton wraps (get them from the local supermarket or China town area for some fresh wonton wraps or click here.)
Minced chicken (you can use pork or beef)
Minced carrots (you can add some chestnuts)
What we had at home
Onion leaves
Little ginger and garlic
Oyster sauce and soya sauce (i use lee kum kee soya sauce - you can get it here if you like or at the local supermarket)

This what we did

Nothing really. Mix everything up.
Wrap the mixed ingredients into the wonton wraps.
Rub some water around the sides of the wraps and glue the sides

Deep fry. Keep the younger kids away. Serve with sauce of your liking. You can also add the wraps into your soup if were preparing a dish.

Teaching notes:

Teach your kids the idea of  ESTIMATION. You have 15 wraps – how much chicken and vegetables do we need? A little less than a spoon is almost a spoonful and so on.

Deep Fry But I used a little oil

Do you know, parents, you are teaching your children the meaning of estimation, the easy way?

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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