Friday, October 1, 2010

Breakfast on the Fly!

Breakfast recipes is a hot button. What do we eat in the mornings and what do we give our kids? Should we just skip breakfast – of course not. There is risk of kids later being overweight and developing other health issues. Skipping breakfast is like a car running out of gas – we lose energy and focus by mid morning risking our health and all the other things that we do.

There are all sorts of breakfast recipes. But here are some tips on quick ideas for busy days!

1. Stay away from sugary breakfast cereals and donuts in the morning

2. Have instant oatmeal – add hot milk. For adults, add hot water and a bit of honey

3. Keep a variety of whole grain cereals that are low in sugar

4. Sprinkle oat bran, wheat bran, psyllium husk, flax seed meal on cereal for extra fiber.

5. Cut up fruit with oats or cereals
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6. Make cheese sandwiches, scrambled egg burritos and other finger foods that kids can eat quickly, sardine sandwiches. Using a sandwich maker quickens the process.
Sandwiches, Panini, and Wraps: Recipes for the Original Anytime and Anywhere Meal
7. Cut up fruits and serve with yogurt or blend the fruit and yoghurt

8. Bread, butter and jam (BBJ as my kids call it) or peanut butter on toastOn Toast

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9. Boil, scramble, fry, or poach eggs - they're packed with nutrition and one a day is perfectly healthy

10. A glass of milk or coco with milk if they don't eat cereal or if everyone’s in a hurry

11. A bowl of baked beans or beans on toast - they're lo laded with protein

12. Have breakfast sitting down instead of on the go
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13. Quick noodles – see some basic recipes on this blog.

14. Fried rice – keep it simple and basic – see recipe on this blog

Then when you have a little extra time on Saturday or Sunday morning, make a
good recipe with your kids.

Teach kids to have something in the morning. No junk food. Make it a rule.

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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