Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Tell if Fish is Fresh – It’s In the Eyes

Teach your kids how to choose good and fresh fish. At the same time, teach your younger ones about gills, fins and scales and other body parts of the fish. It is not easy telling whether fish is fresh. But it becomes easy when you know that its in the eyes!

Fresh fish is important to ensure we are eating healthy and the dish is tasty. It would be a waste of time preparing a fish dish with fish which is not fresh.

There are 3 MAIN things we need to know in choosing fresh fish:


Fresh fish eyes are bright and clear.
Freshly caught fish eyes are clear and its pupils are black. Older fish eyes are duller and, cloudy.The eyes are the window to a truly fresh fish, for they fade quickly into gray dullness. Dull-eyed fish may be safe to eat, but they are past their prime.

Gills must be red and bright.
Old fish have faded, brownish or greyish gills.

Smell of clean water or some saline water
Old fish smells fishy. If there is ammonia like smell, the fish is definitely bad.
As I am writing this post, my hand still smells of the fish I touched. Have a look at the picture.

There are other things you can watch out for. The texture of the fish. It must have a shine and is clean. It is old if the skin or scales are dulls and discoloured. Old fish also tend to be slimy. Stay away from slimy fish. Cooking won't help.

Its best to discard old fish. However, if still want to salvage the fish, have a read of the next post.

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Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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