Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food Turning Girls Into Boys and Boys Into Girls

Teenage boys are growing breasts and teenage girls losing their hair on their head for more hair on their bodies. While we know that obsesity among children is now a real problem, there is probably a worse danger lurking in our food, which is interupting with our children’s normal growth.

Hormonal imbalances in teenagers can be normal. Throwing a fit and happy the next. The adolescence period is a very delicate when a child steps into the world of adulthood. There are physical, emotional and mental changes and hormone at this stage can have major impact on their mood and behavior.

There are lots of reasons for hormonal imbalances. One is mother nature. But there are other issues which are disturbing the natural force of mother nature. Apart from stress, food is becoming a major contributor.

Teenagers today are exposed to hundreds of chemicals such as preservatives, food coloring agents and flavoring agents in foods and drinks. Chemicals are also present in the form of pesticides on fruits and vegetables, plastics, beauty products., Teens tend to live on a junk food diet rather than having balanced food that includes fresh food products. Our teens are also exercising less – spending more time with the TV and the computer.

The food chain and diet is creating more male teenagers with breasts and no hair while female teenagers are becoming more hairy.

An improper diet, or a diet largely consisting of processed foods, may exacerbate an existing hormonal imbalance.

Children are eating too much animal-based food, and those animals are fed with a lot of growth hormones. As societies become more affluent and to some extent busy and complicated, our children are relying on processed food and tend to eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plastic materials such as fizzy bottled drinks release bad hormons. Plastic containers that we use to warm our food, the polystyrene boxes in which we pack our food, the plastic bags that we wrap food in also release terrible substances. The effect from our food is made worse with the pesticides, insecticides and bad oestrogenic substances in the environment, and this will manifest in different ways for those of different ages..

As a result, these changes will effect lifestyle and increased health costs.

Teach your children to eat right. Teach and educate them about food and the bad effects some food can bring.

Real Food Has Curves: How to Get Off Processed Food, Lose Weight, and Love What You EatAvoid as much as possible processed food. Hot dog are processed foods, as are canned meats. Packaged cookies and cakes, frozen dinners and most packaged white breads are processed foods Avoid milk and other dairy products that are derived from animals fed antibiotics and artificial growth hormones to increase production. Encourage them to eat whole grain breads, raw fruits and vegetables, and natural dairy products, and drink plenty of water and fruit juice

A doctor told me that health probelms start with the stomach.  I think we probably ignore this and continue treating the symtoms rather than the problem.

Better save than sorry. Healthy eating is always the better thing to do.

Happy Teaching and Cooking!


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