Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking Old Fish

The first lesson to teach kids on cooking fish is to discard it if it is spoil or bad. However, if you still want to salvage the fish, try this recipe. But the fish at most should be old but not rotten or spoil.

I suggest to fry the fish. Don’t bake or grill, stim or boil.

Fish frying
Deep fry the fish is best to at least reduce the smell. I don’t particularly like to use too much oil, so I just place enough to cover the fish. I use sunflower, corn or canola oil.

Fish coated with curry powder
Coat the fish with salt for taste and some curry powder or chilli powder. I like curry powder to drown the smell. But you can add both.

Leave the fish for a few minutes for the salt and other ingridients to penetrate the flesh.

If you don’t like curry powder, you can use pepper or any herbs that you like, such as oregano and the like.

Happy Cooking and Teaching!
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  1. Love cooking with my grand children, they are great little helpers and love learning.