Saturday, November 3, 2012

20% off for the World’s Best Coffee – For the Next Two Weeks Only

It’s coming to the end of the year. Great time for a break! Parents, readers of Teaching Kids, I am giving away a 20% discount on any coffee purchased from This is a wonderful opportunity, as the promoters of are highly experienced and only pick the best roasts. distributes the best coffee from around the world without us searching for it. Many coffee lovers would spend lots of money just to have the right roast. You would typically need to buy a bag full.

Just like a fine wine, each coffee is different. Coffees change from year to year. And just because a roaster is good, it doesn't mean that every coffee it sells is the best coffee available right now.

What this company does can be quite amazing. Sometimes the roasters with the best reputation have the best brews, and sometimes they don't. tends to feature coffees from tiny upstarts as well as more established artisan roasters. They are blind to packaging and branding.  The emphasis is about the quality of the coffee.

Parents and readers,

Have a cup of coffee. Good coffee with friends and family for a fraction of the cost.

Ask for the discount code by emailing to receive the 20% discount for any variety of coffee offered at    We will email you the code, which you can use to purchase your first month of Craft Coffee at 20% off your first month.

Happy Teaching and Cooking!

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