Saturday, January 16, 2010

Label your Kitchen and Your House – Learning Words at Home

You know what they say – learning often requires frequent affirmation and repetition.
I found a wonderful secret. We visited our friend during Christmas and her house was plastered with words. She has a 2 year old and she was constantly looking at words because everything in the house from the chair to the stairs and things in the garage and kitchen were labeled!

What better way to teach words and spelling to our little ones or even the slightly bigger ones. It provided us with a reminder on spelling too. As adults we often rely on the computer to correct our spelling.

Labeling stuff in the kitchen is a brilliant way to teach kids about things in the kitchen. You can go one step further by identifying and labeling kitchen things that are dangerous.

This is an easy way to teach kids words especially while cooking. To save time you don’t need to refer to books on teaching kids reading and spelling too much because the words are all around you. And it practically costs nothing – except for the paper (card board) and pen that you are using.

Labeling stuff can take a bit of effort but it is worth it because it saves us a lot of time afterward.

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