Friday, May 6, 2011

Drumsticks - What do you teach a 40 year old?

My mom asked my brother who is almost 40 to buy a kilo of drumsticks. My brother is not a kitchen or a cooking person. My mother says its probably her fault for not teaching him. And thus this story at 40 years of age ....!

My brother goes to the market and heads for the vegetable section, ignoring his wife's views that his mom meant something else! He not only was looking for the drumsticks but a kilo of it.
And of course, he does not find them. And refuses to acknowledge that mom could have meant chicken drumsticks! He tells his wife 'was there any other drumstick she meant - i dont think she meant the sticks for drums!' It did not even occur to him that mom could have meant chicken drumsticks!

This is chicken drumstick as opposed to vegetable drumsticks
This are the dangers of not teaching our kids around the kitchen - even if it is basic. And yes, you guessed it, we did not have chicken drumsticks for dinner and neither did we have the vegetable drumsticks for dinner. But my brother is the brunt of all jokes now!

What is vegetable drumsticks or murunga?
The tree is everlasting with slender bark and small leaves.
Vegetable drumsticks which is typically used in India, and mostly the indian community in curries and vegetable dishes. The fruit or pod has lots of health benefits - energizes and has high contents of vitamins and minerals. Its leaves also make a great vegetable dish. Some even drink its juice.

As always, refer to wikipedia for more information on murungah.
Some researchers have stated that the the leaves is equivalent to 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges plus 4 times the calcium in milk,  3 times potassium in bananas, 2 times the protein in milk and 4 times the vitamins in Carrots.

Cooking suggestions:

1. Include them in curries - chicken curry, vegetable curry and such
It cooks fast - you can add them when you put the chicken in

2. The leaves - stir fry with onion, ginger and garlic and some herbs if you wish

Happy Cooking and Teaching!

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  1. Wow!I love that murungah dish.We used to have a tree back at home and enjoyed the drumsticks mother cooked.Every part of the moringa tree has some benefits and so useful to us.The Food here is so tempting..