Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning Math in the Kitchen

Dear Parents, teaching math can be tricky. And I have to cook and insist that cooking and math go together. I found this great book from - it has recipes and math problems all wrapped in one and the kids don't know that they are actually learning. Its for Grades 4 to 6. Try it. And the book is reasonably priced.

About the Math Chef

Cooking and math make such a natural combination that a book about both should be a real winner; unfortunately, that is not the case with The Math Chef. The recipes are interesting and tasty, and the directions, including safety precautions, are good; the black-and-white illustrations show both boys and girls involved in the process. In fact, as a children's cookbook, this title works well. The math is introduced and explained adequately, but its inclusion in the recipes seems more of an afterthought; for instance, when the concept of area is introduced in a two-page explanation, the only connection it has to the four recipes are that the sizes of the baking pans are highlighted. When weights are discussed, the weight equivalents (1 _ pounds [700 grams] of tomatoes) of the ingredients are given.

Just as cookies go with milk and peanut butter goes with jelly, math and cooking go hand in hand. This fun-filled book shows you exactly how.

With more than 60 activities and recipes to try, you can practice math while you cook! Get a handle on measurement, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, geometry, and more, while whipping up mouth-watering treats like scrumptious stromboli slices, chewy marshmallow-fudge squares, yummy chicken nuggets, and delicious butterscotch muffins.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, you too can become a Math Chef. All activities and recipes are kid-tested and require only common ingredients and kitchen utensils. There's also a helpful list of safety rules, an explanation of basic cooking skills, and a complete nutrition guide.

I love the book. Try it and share it with your friends and family
The Math Chef: Over 60 Math Activities and Recipes for Kids
Math and Cooking all int one - click to read more

Best of luck.

Happy Teaching and Cooking!

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  1. learning math can be done in any indoor or outdoor activity, kitchen can be one of the effective way of learning math.