Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freezing and Boiling Points? What has the Kitchen Got to Do with It?

If substance A has a freezing point of 20° and boiling point of 120°, what is its state at 85°? The kitchen has the answer!

Children learn about freezing and boiling points from different perspectives as they progress:

Hot and cold


Different states of matter

What are freezing and boiling points?

What is the state of matter at these points?

What happens to the molecules?

Children sometimes cannot imagine how this can happen.

The best and easiest is of course to boil some ice!

Place some ice – freezing point is 0°

Explain that how bringing the ice out of the freezer slowly turns it into liquid or water, for easier understanding

Next is give it some heat and see what happens.

The ice turns to water and then stim

We can explain that different matters have different boiling and freezing points.

Happy Cooking and Happy Teaching!

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