Saturday, May 8, 2010

What to Do For Mum For Mother's Day

My Mum is Fantastic (Bear Hugs)
Mother’s day is here!

Whether we are a kid or an adult we can do something a little extra to show our Moms and Grandmas how much we love her on this special day.

Here’s what I think we could do:

(1) Hug and a Kiss the moment you see her

(2) Taking over Mum’s chores for a day – the dishes, the cleaning, the laundry

(3) Take Mum out to her favourite place or restaurant

Loving Family® Sterling Silver Pendant - Mother and 3 Children(4)  Give mum a gift

(5)  Have a picnic

(6) Watch a movie together

(7) Cook for Mum – I think this is best because it will come from the heart and we don’t need complicated or difficult dishes. Some simple ones to bring a smile to mum

Breakfast in Bed
(i) Yoghurt decorated with strawberries and little umbrellas

(ii) Pancakes or waffles with bananas and apples

(iii) Don’t forget your rose


It can be anything that Mum fancies – noodles, pizza, salads


Bake a chocolate cake or a simple butter cake

Roast a chicken – spread some pepper, salt, olive oil, spices and anything else you like. Prepare some salad and some corn or potatoes.

Finish off with ice cream or chocolate.

Happy Mother's Day! and Happy Cooking

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