Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“What Do I Feel About Cooking” – A Child’s Experience

My elder son loves the idea of cooking. He is nine. He gets into the kitchen with me more frequently compared to my younger son. He says that cooking is all about making someone happy. People should be happy eating the food we prepare and serve.

He loves writing too! And perhaps cooking has over the years injected the idea of writing and the power of the pen. I have noticed that he tends to express himself through the written word.

I found this mussing in one of his note books. He let me read it and said that I should share it with others. I have reproduced his piece here – except for spelling and perhaps some grammar, this is my son’s original piece.
What I feel about cooking:
Chapter 1: How I Feel

I feel great when I cook. I might be a kid but am great at cooking and when I grow up I’ll be a chef. They’ll call me Chef K! The most famous chef in the galaxy!

You have to pick the right ingredients. Otherwise your food will smell like a dumpster – Ewww, gross!

I cook soup while I am a kid, which I am. But I will cook all sorts of food when I grow up.

I also think cooking is the best way to earn money. I might even be rich. I could help lots of people then.

The end


  1. Hi, you have a great site and will be good resource for me not only in preparing meals for my kids but for lessons too.

    And thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will drop by too. I am also working and trying so hard to find time with kids but my cooking is very adult so i have yet to really include them,I tried a few times. Now with your blog, I can learn how to do so more often.


  2. Thank You Shelly. I am happy that my blog we will help you. Perhaps, I could use some of your ideas for cooking in your blog and turn them into teaching tools. That way, we provide ideas for dinner, lunch and breakfast for mums and dads and at the same inject ideas about getting their kids to join in.